When you know a little more about us, you’ll see we can do a lot more than simply handle your waste materials.
Even if you just need some advice, contact us - we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Our story

Éltex was established in 1989 by two families, both of which came from a long tradition of caring for the environment.

While still a student at university, Zoltan noticed on train journeys unused timber lying by the tracks.

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Hazardous waste

We don’t just do the easy stuff. If your manufacturing process generates hazardous waste, we can help. We handle the sorting, storage, transportation and disposal of all kinds of dangerous waste materials.

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One of the things that makes us different is that we’re not just an ‘add-on’ service. We’ll sit down with you and design our sorting and disposal systems around yours. We’ve already helped many companies to efficiently adapt their work practices to be more environmentally friendly and save money at the same time.

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